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The community is located in the Catholic region of Suits (an etnographic group) and historically enjoys ties to the neighboring community of Alsunga. In the Middle Ages, Jurkalne was called Felixberg, named bicause several centuries ago, a sailing vessel was caught in a strorm. The Captain didn't lose hope and promised that the crew safelyreached land, he would build a church at the landing port. A miracle occurred, the wind changed and the vessel grounded upon a sandbar, not far from Jurkalne's steep coastal cliff. The Captain kept his word and built a church. He named it "Felixberg" (Lucky Mountain). Later, Felixberg was renamed "Pilsberg" after the nearby landowners Manor House.

The current name, Jurkalne, was adopted in 1925, thanks to the beautiful coastal cliffs covered by stately pine trees. The cliffs are up to 20 m high. When you have a wish to leave behind the stress of the city and escape to quiet, peaceful nature, clean water, and to breathe salty sea air, then come to Jurkalne, located in the southwest part of Ventspils District, on the Baltic Sea.

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